#The Heart as Home

The National Palace Museum holds a rich collection of art and artifacts. In addition to offering historical, cultural, and aesthetic perspectives on its collection, the museum has developed strategies for interacting with different demographics using the concept of cultural equality. The use of individualized art education methods enables the museum to become a space for dialogue.


The NPM and the Easy Clubhouse worked together on artifact replicas and creative interactions for more than half a year. At one point, workshop participants tried lying on a copy of the NPM porcelain work "Pillow in the shape of a recumbent child with white glaze." Participants reported that the replica was cold to the touch, and seemed to help with insomnia. Other activities have included Emperor Qianlong's inscription on the painting "Timely Clearing after Snowfall", which tells the emperor’s life story. Using Ming dynasty medical books, participants learned how people in the past dealt with mental illness in order to reflect on modern physical and mental disabilities.


The NPM and the Easy Clubhouse used artifact replicas to create a personal space, re-imagining Xu Wei's home. Every replica has an accompanying informational booklet, containing an introduction to the artwork and the creative achievements of the workshop participants. The different mediums used throughout the exhibition express reactions to different relics, and offer diverse interpretations of society. Visitors are welcome to sit or lie down in the exhibition, feeling an emotional resonance between individual and artwork. What does home mean to you?

【 文物互動與創作 】