#Flowing Dialogue

This area is the space for conversation to flow. Please find a cozy corner for yourself, take a break and reflect. We have collected personal stories from diverse perspective, you are also very welcome to write down your thoughts and share with us here.

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“Relations Portrait”

The 12 paintings and stories illustrated people’s experience being around the Easy Clubhouse’s members, including their family, friends, social workers, as well as NPM staff. Through interviews and artworks, participants reflect on how their life intertwin with people living with mental illness, explore the emotional connection, frustration, and desire tangled up in the relationship.


The subtleties of interpersonal relationships were explored using animal imagery. Metaphors were enriched by images, intertwining personal stories as a way to think about relationships. Please scan the displayed QR-Codes to access the complete stories. When reading, you may find that some so-called "personal stories" can also be collective stories, pushing us to further think about the societal positions of ourselves and others, as well as the relationships that define us.

"Autumn Factory"

Pulling the rope releases a random piece of paper. Each slip of paper asks a question that the participants in the exhibition want to pose to audience members. Find a comfortable corner to rest, and take the chance to write down your feelings and start a dialogue with us. Every single visitor is an indispensible part of the exhibition.