#Living Creations

In workshops, our contemporary artists and the Easy Clubhouse amateur artists launched a co-creation project.


Artist Yi-Lun Lu explored the theme of the home with participants. The final product contains the gentle insight of three male attendees. Wen-Hsuan Chang invited participants to write 55 love poems, giving life to personal dignity. Alice Hui-Sheng Chang uses a narrator to share the inner voices of five people. Connected by life experience, they no longer feel sick and alien. Yung-An Wang uses touch to transform the bodies of four individuals, so that viewers can re-experience their own bodies.


Am I worthless if I am unemployed? Is the pace of society too fast, or am I just too slow? Does anyone else feel lonely and anxious without marriage and children, and shame about sexual desire? I don't know how to do anything-- is it selfish to try and think of ways for others to notice me? In the exhibition, Yi-Chun Lin, Wan-Shan Tsai, Yan-Qing Zhan, Lung-Chiuan Su — four amateur the Easy Clubhouse artists open up about their personal life experiences, describe living with anxiety, and attempt to recognize and interact with others.


The exhibition area uses the real life happening of a baby carriage running over someone’s foot inside an elevator in order to cut through the stigmas "art is different" and "the mind is sick." Audience members transition from spectators to participants, experiencing how love and collective thinking is a sign of spirit.