#Recording the Spirit

Contemporary artist Tu Wei-Cheng is an expert in modernizing ancient objects. He extends the timeline of the artifact, imagining how we might view it in the future. Museums preserve important human memories, but it is necessary to preserve the human spirit as well.


Before the exhibition, the NPM and the Easy Clubhouse discussed the question “how would Xu Wei have wanted future generations to remember him?” Using this prompt, we can consider the concepts of death, life, and spirit.


How do you want to be remembered after your death? What do you hope to leave behind? Tu Wei-Cheng led participants to create an artwork responding to their thoughts about life, using their own possessions. The creations contained participants’ own life experiences, emotions, and desires. Some participants even used personal possessions such as medicine jars, keys, jade pendants, and more.


In this process, relics are transformed into ephemeral moments in everyday life. The process of "culturalizing" life gives viewers a new perspective on common objects, enabling a spiritual dialogue with contemporary society.